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There’s something for everyone!
If you're an uncompromising animal lover, this club is the perfect way to nurture that passion, by making a difference in your community.
Stretch your creative wings by coming up close with great artwork through gallery visits, or by indulging your artistic temperament through special workshops.
If you have a budding passion for anything science and are looking to heighten your research and presentation skills, this clubs is for you.
Continue a decade-long tradition of giving back by donating blood, and a little bit of your time.
Step outside of the classroom and catch a glimpse of the business world through the Business Club's extracurricular activities.
If you want to understand the logic behind technical devices in your everyday life, this club allows you to explore and experiment with the processes that go on behind the screen.
If you fancy yourself the next master chef, or simply want to learn how to cook for yourself before you're off to university, this is the club that will spice up your life.
Develop your eco-conscience by exploring ways that you can make a bigger impact in your environment and how to live a greener life.
Maybe you consider yourself a bookworm, or you're an aspiring writer who finds inspiration in the simplest things. If so, welcome to your favourite club.
Get to know a bit more about Greek and Cypriot culture through dance and take centre stage in many of our auditorium celebrations.
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