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Biotechnology Club

The Biotechnology Club aims to develop student research and presentation skills in a nurturing yet rigorous environment. The club meets monthly and the students select research topics relevant to the sciences. Students can work individually or in teams to learn about an interesting aspect of science that extends beyond the curriculum and then present their findings. In addition to honing their presentation skills, students learn how to critically evaluate presentations and how to have an in-depth dialogue pertaining to controversial and cutting edge research.

For more information, please see Dr. Sergios Nicolaou.



During this past year students presented their findings on varied topics including long-term effects of space on astronaut physiology, including: muscle conditioning; genetic changes and what would kill a human when exposed to the vastness of space; what pharmacogenomics are and how they can be used; nanotechnology and how it can be used to build medical sensors. The presentations were given at regular intervals throughout the academic year.

The students exhibited great enthusiasm in learning about topics beyond their typical curriculum and researched their subjects extensively. They also presented their findings to an engaged audience and answered questions at the end of their presentations.


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Our Junior Achievement team, 'Profusion' made it all the way to the Junior Achievement Competition Finale, and won the award for 'Best Annual Report'! Well done to everyone involved.





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