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Folklore Dance Club

The aim of the club is to introduce students to the different types of folklore dancing of the Greek and Cypriot culture. Modern dances, like Latin dances, are also taught. The club meets once a week for two hours and all lessons are taught by Mr. Antonis Avraam. In addition, the club always participates in National Celebrations, the Christmas Concert and the Spring Concert, as well as various charity events. Overall, the club does not only aim to teach students new dances, but also encourages team work and solidarity as strong relationships are formed through a fun and enjoyable activity.

For more information, please see Ms. Rania Leventi, Ms. Demetra Varda or Ms. Panayiota Georgiou.


  • 28th October (OXI DAY)
  • 25th March (Greek Independence day)
  • 1st April (Cyprus National day)
  • Spring Concert
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Either by bringing food items, or donating money, you, too, can help keep a decades-long tradition of giving back to the community alive.
Past Events

The Academic Counselling Department, in collaboration with the British Council, organised a mini-fair for Years 5, 6 & 7, with a network of UK accredited universities.

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