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The aim of the club is to allow students to broaden their knowledge of France, the French language & culture. It offers them the invaluable opportunity to explore the language and culture in real live situations by engaging with French speakers and exploring the French culture in authentic situations such as presentations, expositions, libraries, films, restaurants. It’s a wonderful vehicle for bringing the subject of French to life as it reinforces what is learnt in the classroom through meaningful, unforgettable experiences.

For more information, please see Ms. Maria Argyrou, Dr. Patricia Kokkinou or Ms. Christiana Varda.


  • Edexcel French GCSE Best Grade in Cyprus Award 2017
  • Trips to a French exhibitions and the French bookshop ‘La Boîte à lire’, Leventio Art Gallery to see famous French Artisits’ work, The French Institute [the educational and cultural centre of the French Embassy] to get information about higher education in France.
  • As part of the Eco-schools Programme for 2014-5 our French students contributed with posters and leaflets on recycling French Fridays at ‘The Nest’ bakery for conversation sessions with a native French speaker and mouthwatering brioche and Quiche Loraine. On one occasion a Lyon University professor answered questions about studying in France.
  • Educational trips to France which give students the opportunity to enrich their knowledge of the language, culture, customs and gastronomy. French cookery lesson in cooperation with our school canteen.
  • Celebrating ‘La Francophonie’ in assembly with presentations, songs and dances and outside in the yard with French songs, delicacies, and questionnaires.

It is customary for the Club celebrate French gastronomy, traditions and celebrations with a number of planned activities throughout the year.

June-July 2017: Trip to France. This trip gave students the chance to explore one of the most beautiful regions of France, La Bretagne in the north-west. They were able to visit all the major historical monuments, abbeys, cathedrals, castles, walled cities, the theme park ‘Ile de Nantes’, the "Musée de Beaux Art" and the aquarium. Furthermore, they visited a French school [where their pen pals where from] in Vannes where a reception was held for them followed by a presentation on traditional French music and instruments as well as a tour of the grounds and century old library.

November 2015: The 3rd Thursday of November is the day the famous wine ‘Beaujolais’ is uncorked everywhere in France and around the world. We mark the day by carrying out research and watching videos. We organise trips to French restaurants where French speaking staff speak to us about French food and Beaujolais wine. This year we had a French 3-course meal and a cooking lesson.

December 2015: An afternoon of French board games and French snacks at a French café as well as an evening out for a three course meal prepared by a French chef.

February 2016: It is customary for the French club to celebrate ‘La Chandeleur’. It is the Catholic holiday of Candlemas. This celebration is nowadays known as Pancake Day and our French students sell crêpes at school for charity. There was a competition for guessing the ingredients and measurements of a batch of crêpes.

May 2016: club members had a Fondue night at a French restaurant.

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