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Modern Dance Club

The Modern Dance Club gives students the opportunity to showcase their talents in various school performances. Our members often choreograph their own pieces, a process which promotes creativity, imagination and discipline. Rehearsals take place at break time or after school, giving students the chance to form strong bonds outside the classroom and enhance their team spirit. It is the most rewarding experience, culminating in the applause on the night of the performance.

For more information, please see Mrs. Maria Argyrou-Louca or Ms. Andri Malactou.


Every year, our members successfully have participated in the two main school productions: Christmas Concert and Spring Concert.

This year, for the Spring Concert, the members of the club presented a traditional oriental dance, a modern hip-hop routine, a contemporary piece and a ballet. This is just an example of the variety of dances performed at our school.

MUN enables fast-growing, personal development for many, but for a great number of our students it provides so much more.
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