20 Mar 2018
MEDIMUN: All the reasons it's worth your time
By Georgia Spyrou (Year 6)

The 13th Mediterranean Model United Nations (MEDIMUN) conference took place on the 9th-11th February 2018 during which 16 students including myself, accompanied by Mrs Millosia, Mrs Symeou and Mrs Ullman, got the opportunity to emerge ourselves in the world of political diplomacy, resolution making and debating topics, representing various United Nations countries, whilst meeting new people from across Cyprus and the many students who came to the conference from abroad, forming friendships and having fun both during the conference as well as during our stay in Nicosia. Each of us represented the opinions and policies of various countries such as Lebanon, Norway, Sweden or the UK during the debates as we were divided into General Assemblies and Security Councils that debated different current world topics as stated below, simulating how the United Nations works. The topics discussed, the countries that each of us represented as well as our thoughts on this year’s conference and the memories we shared are listed as follows.


GA1 - Disarmament and International Security:

The question of contemporary international espionage

The Weaponization of National Resources

The question of autonomous weapons systems

Lebanon: “During MEDIMUN I interacted with people from around the world but also from around Cyprus. I faced my fears and I tried to overcome them. I didn’t just meet others but I also got to experience how different people work and think which was very astonishing to see. I’m very glad that I got to experience MEDIMUN and for the friendships I developed in those 3 days!” - Anastasia Stavrou (Year 6)

Norway: “After I attended the SPIMUN conference last year in Saint Petersburg I didn’t believe that anything could have topped that. I was very surprised that MEDIMUN not only topped that but set the standard very high. We discussed some amazing issues that concern our everyday lives. Through this conference I had the chance to study further some serious issues that I wouldn’t have studied if it wasn’t for the conference. And as we say in our debates; “The delegate full-heartedly believes that this conference is a great experience to those who want to improve their writing skills, their debating skills and their speaking skills.”” – Giannis Michael (Year 6)

Sweden: “The MUN was a fantastic experience. It combined critical thinking with an engaging array of resolutions to take apart with a fun cast of fellow delegates, each representing countries from across the world, from America to Zimbabwe. And despite the diplomatic mood, we had fun times all around. The Delegate of Iran sang the Soviet Anthem, the Delegate of China tried her best at K-Pop, and me, personally, I made some friends to remember. It was a great experience, and I would absolutely do it again.” – George Andreou (Year 4)


GA2 - Environmental, Financial and Economic Development:

The question of the Economics of Gender Discrimination

Combatting the pollution of space

Preventing corruption and financial crime in sports

Lebanon: “My first time taking part in an MUN conference was genuinely a life-changing experience! It really opened my eyes and showed me a way to cultivate my thinking process which I never thought possible! It also exposed me to modern issues and ways in which they can be combatted while empowering me and making me feel that my young 17 year-old self has a voice. A voice that can be heard and a voice that has the power to do something. To add to this experience, the conference was a beautiful opportunity to meet new people and even though the 3-day conference could be seen as rather intense, it made it possible to develop friendships with new people as we made many unforgettable memories together. The magnitude of confidence and trust in myself I have gained through this conference is truly spectacular. Therefore I would urge anyone who would like to acquire skills in public speaking, gain knowledge in important problems going on around the world, while becoming exposed to new people from different backgrounds and thus becoming a better and more well-rounded individual, to take part in this incredible conference.” – Marianna Efstathiou (Year 6)


Norway: “My first experience as an MUN delegate was undoubtedly unique; but frightening as I was about to encounter something completely unknown. Yet, it was admittedly one of the best weekends I have ever had. I urge anyone who wants to build his/her public speaking and writing skills as well as confidence and determination since you have to represent and strongly defend your country. It was an incredible experience and I am certainly waiting for future conferences.” – Anastasia Pipiou (Year 6)

Sweden: “This was my first time participating in an MUN conference and I must admit I enjoyed every minute of it! I was surrounded by smart, diplomatic people from all over Cyprus; future law-makers, politicians, human rights advocates etc. Even though, it was tiring, I would strongly recommend it to anyone wanting to practice their public speaking, writing, and researching skills, as well as leadership skills. It was undoubtedly a lovely experience I would gladly repeat if given the chance.” – Antonietta Haliou (Year 6)


GA3 - Social, Humanitarian and Cultural:

Measures to preserve endangered languages in the face of globalization

Preventing Child sexual exploitation in the age of information and communications technology

The issue of Global Mass Surveillance by governments

Lebanon: “I was late in participating in the MEDIMUN Conference, and I regret it actually, since I am graduating this year. If I could turn back time, I would participate earlier on. As a student with anxiety it helped me overcome stress and speak up. Speaking in front of 70 people isn’t the easiest thing, but you get encouraged because others are speaking up as well. You meet people from all around the world, China, Georgia, the USA but also from other cities of Cyprus such as Limassol and Paphos. I have met so many ambitious and unique people that I’m still in touch with. The people there motivate you to do better for yourself. Every minute was valuable to me and I encourage every single one of you to participate in MEDIMUN, even if it is only once. You won’t regret it, I promise.” - Cassandra Loizou (Year 7)

Norway: “Joining the MUN Conference in my own opinion is as challenging as reaching for a jar of cookie which was placed far away from you: It requires the determination from you to set your heart and say that you will reach the cookies (when you decide to participate as a member of the MUN Conference). Reasoning, knowledge and hard work is needed as you try to discover ways of climbing up to be near to the cookie jar (when you struggle to do research and create the best resolution towards a worldwide problem) Your plans may fail when you are almost there, almost ready to accomplish your goal (Facing criticism or discouragement when people do not agree with your point) HOWEVER, what follows afterwards, is the joyful ending of you having the cookie jar with you after your hard work (Receiving the precious opportunities to meet new people and gaining brand new knowledge)! Although the cookies were reached and your goal is achieved, what you cannot forget as a member of MUN is seeing yourself as an important part of this big big world, at the same time, discovering a brand new YOU.” –Isabelle Feng (Year 5)

Sweden: “I can honestly say MEDIMUN has been an incredible experience filled with valuable gifts! From meeting new people from different parts of Cyprus and even other countries, to even speaking up during a heated debate. I could feel the chills and the butterflies but it was so worth it! I was able to build and improve skills such as communication, argumentation and diplomacy. I highly recommend anyone and everyone joining just for the ability to cherish such an experience. While discussions about great political issues were the main focus, MEDIMUN can appeal to anyone as it is an eye-opening experience for the issues the world faces but also the ways they can be tackled as a unity.” – Chrisilia Philiastides (Year 7)

GA4 - Legal Committee:

Intellectual property rights for pharmaceutical patents and technology

The legal question of defining gender in the contemporary age

The question of Maritime refugees

Lebanon: “It was a really amazing experience in every sense of the word. The conference itself was exciting as well as the lovely stay at the hotel with all my friends. MEDIMUN allowed to me to get a chance to speak publicly, which many people don't. That experience helped give me a new perspective and makes me want to go again next year.” - Pantelis Koshias (Year 6)

Norway: “MEDIMUN was a great experience for me; as it was my first MUN conference, I did not expect to be this amazed. Many from the people attended might be our future president or politicians or lawyers which made it more fascinating as I saw how different intelligent people from all over Cyprus were thinking. I love this experience and I recommend it to anyone that wants to come out of his/her comfort zone and speak in front of a huge crowd. It was for sure a lovely experience.” – Christa Makri (Year 7)

Sweden: “MEDIMUN has really helped me become more confident and skilled in public speaking on the podium, debating controversial topics and learning how to present and defend the opinions and policies of a country such as Sweden. MEDIMUN this year was once again an incredible experience that I will cherish forever. The classmates, teachers and new people I met who were with me during the conference made every second more enjoyable and fun. This is definitely something that I would encourage everyone to consider participating in since it is not only a weekend well-spent with good company, forming bonds with people from our school as well as people from other schools who I continue to talk to but it is also an experience that helps in developing skills that prove useful in future careers and the conference provides memories that I will always look back upon with happiness. The only problem was that it ended far too soon.” – Georgia Spyrou (Year 6)


Security Council:

The question of Al-shabab in East Africa

Reform of the Security Council

The question of DPRK

Sweden: “'It's the friends we meet along the way that help us appreciate the journey'. When I was told that I was in MEDIMUN’s Security Council I mentally prepared myself for hard work and passionate debates; I had barely given any thought to the amazing individuals that I would have the fortune of meeting and getting to know! I'm so grateful for every minute spent getting to know, working and laughing with such inspiring people as well as the passionate debates that made such an experience unforgettable. – Andria Stavrinou (Year 7)

Security Council:

Simulated the proceedings of the Security Council in 2001, the year of the fateful attacks of 9/11:

the question of international terrorism in the 21st century,

the question of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Chairperson: “MEDIMUN is one of the biggest events I look forward to every year, the most incredible experience meeting amazing, unique people and having an absolute blast, as a chair I laughed, felt like pulling my hair out, even maybe shed a tear or two on the last day, but I can never wait to go back next year.”- Chloe Hadjiantoniou (Year 6)

United Kingdom: “What I took from this experience is priceless. I guess the debate was part of the fun however what really made MEDIMUN unforgettable was the people. The bonds you make with your classmates and the incredible diverse pool of individuals opens your eyes to a whole new world you never knew. If I were you, I would seize the opportunity!” - Danae Ellina (Year 7)


Topic 1: The question of the future of organ provision for transplants

Topic 2: Bio-engineering the human genome

Topic 3: The question of human enhancement through non-genetic methods.

Sweden: “This being my third MUN conference and second time experiencing MEDIMUN I have to say it was definitely the best debating season I’ve had so far. This year I was fortunate to be part of a small committee but that did not stop us from having three days of heated debates. If anyone is thinking of joining us next year my only advice would just be to try it without any hesitation.” - George Vrangas (Year 6)

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