28 Mar 2019
It's All Over: A reflection of 7 years at the American Academy
Constantina Pashalidou Year 7

When you are in the lower school, your graduation seems so far away, year seven seems so distant. You are envious of year seven students who seem so different from you, who can bend some small rules, you look up to them. Before you realize it, you are done with your GCSES, you have chosen your A-level subjects, you have been on the Greece trip, you have done your top-class show and you will be a few days away from your last day of school. That’s how things happened for me, and that’s where I am now. My name is Consantina Paschalidou, and I am *almost* an American Academy Larnaca graduate.

I have spent the last seven years of my life in this school. Through these 7 years I have changed in so many ways, including physically and emotionally. In this school I have discovered my identity, developed friendships and cultivated an understanding of the world around me. When I first came here I was a terrified year 1 student, completely unaware of my abilities and my potential. Now, I am leaving this school knowing that I am capable of conquering the world. This school has equipped me with everything I need to fulfill all my dreams, and taught me how to reach my full potential. For example, even though I failed my driving test, the examiner commented on my kindness and my ethos. After telling him that I am an American Academy student he told me that it was something that he could have easily guessed. And this is true. Our school cultivates ethos and helps us develop complete personalities in a way that few other schools can.

Realizing the impact that this school had on me, and the way in which it has enabled me to grow and expand my potential makes me feel very lucky. My school has not only helped me achieve my academic goals, and get into the university that I want, but it has also provided me with a plethora of skills, and enabled me to understand my passions and my identity. Having taken part in three Greek plays, has helped me understand and appreciate acting and the theatre. It is definitely one of those experiences from my school career that I will remember very fondly, and that has shaped who I am today. Through various clubs of the school I got to travel to various countries across Europe, and got to meet some wonderful people as well as expand my mental and spiritual potential. I was also very lucky to have taken part in the Junior Achievements competition. Although our student company was not the best, I was given an insight into the world of business and I got to meet some lovely people who I am lucky to call my friends now.

My experience in this school would not have been the same if it wasn’t for the people who I am lucky to call my teachers. If I had to choose just one thing that I will really miss from this school, it is them, the teachers who are essentially more than teachers to us. The teachers that care about us like family, and to whom we can talk like friends. The teachers who have travelled with us, rehearsed with us, who we went out for dinner with. The people who believed in us when we didn’t believe in ourselves, who encouraged us to reach the pinnacle of our potential, who are proud of us, who have helped us understand our talents and passions, who helped us become the individuals that we are today. I would be a liar if I said that I got along with all of my teachers, but that’s to expected – we are all humans after all. Some of them however, are people who I truly love, and I look up to, and I am so grateful that they have taught me – they know who they are. A huge thank you it’s the least I can say to these wonderful people.

I am grateful that I am part of this school, this big family, and that saying goodbye is so hard. In these past 7 years I have changed in so many different ways, met some wonderful people, developed friendships that will last for a lifetime and am now equipped with everything I need to go and chase my dreams. I will always carry my school with me, and I will always be thankful for all the things that this school has gifted to me. I will forever be proud to say that I am an American Academy Alumnus.

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