23 Oct 2017
Let me tell you all about "Rumors"
By Constantina Paschalidou
Greek Play


Every year our school takes part in the Pancyprian Theatre School Competition. Students from the upper school usually rehearse all season and present their work in February or in March. Last year’s Greek play was very special, for various reasons. It was adapted and co-directed by one of our talented students, we won first place and of course I was part of the production!

The Greek play is definitely one of my favorite memories from this school. It helped me to expand my mental and spiritual potential, to become a better team worker and it helped me to understand how deeply I love the world of theatre. But let me tell you how it all started.

The auditions began in September. All those who were interested in participating had to study a small part of the play and perform it on stage. After that, the cast was carefully chosen and we started rehearsing immediately. I cannot explain with words how happy I was to be chosen, nor can I tell you how insanely I loved my role. It fit me like a glove! I was so excited that I learnt my part within 3 weeks. At the beginning, I was quite nervous since I was the youngest member of the cast and I didn’t really know anyone else, but we all bonded while rehersing together and we began to work together as a team.

"The experience of being part of Greek Play taught me many things. That hard work pays off, for one. Or the importance of always having faith in your abilities, while being receptive and open to others feedback and opinions."

We would normally rehearse every Friday and Saturday, and sometimes even during the week. Although devoting so much time and effort was exhausting, it was worth it. We had so much fun during the rehearsals, and we were able to focus our energy on a creative pursuit. Two weeks before the show we started having rehearsals with the entire crew. It was a great chance for us to understand exactly how the show would unfold on stage. My birthday happened to be 3 days before the show, and I celebrated it … well, you guessed it: rehearsing.

After many months and countless hours spent rehearsing, the moment that we had all been waiting for had come. It was finally show time! I was so excited that I didn’t even feel stressed! We were lucky enough to have the chance to perform three times. The first show took place on Friday morning, the day before the big show and our audience was the lower school. A very interesting audience, I would say because they were pretty unpredictable. The first show went really smoothly and we all had the chance to see how it was to perform on stage and how you really feel when a live audience is watching your every action. Hint: it felt amazing!

Greek Play


Fast-forward to Saturday. The big day, the big show! Our time to shine! I was so excited I could barely sleep the night before. We were all at school from early in the evening. Hair, make up, voice warm up — everything was in order! The auditorium started filling up, people were texting us good luck, and before you know it — lights, camera, action! And there I am, on stage, wearing a hideous skirt, pretending to be a TV-hostess, who has some serious back pain, living some of the most exciting moments of my life. Despite a few minor problems, the play was really good and we were able to cover up all of our mistakes. All of the actors gave their best performance and the backstage crew was amazing. All our hard work was worth it!

Finally, our last performance took place four days later and that was the only performance with a fee entrance. All the money went to support the Anti-cancer society. Being able to help people in need, while doing something that you love, is truly fulfilling. I don’t want to sound narcissistic, but I am pretty sure I will. Being on stage felt insanely good. It felt so pleasing to able to make people laugh, to see their smiles and their reactions. On stage I no longer felt like Constantina, but I was Cookie (my stage name), and I truly believe that being able give life to a character is incredible. The applause at the end of the show felt like a million bucks. I would give anything to have the chance to be Cookie once more. I guess a part of her will always stay within me!

The experience of being part of Greek Play taught me many things. That hard work pays off, for one. Or the importance of always having faith in your abilities, while being receptive and open to others feedback and opinions. It taught me how to work in a team, how to cope with others, how to be dedicated to my task and also how to be more organized. Through the Greek Play, I found new ways to express my creativity and I realized how much I love acting and theatre in general. The Greek Play is an experience that I will remember with the brightest smile on my face. I will definitely try to take part in this year’s production and I encourage anyone to take part in the play if they can.

Greek Play


I was lucky enough to share this journey with some lovely people! Miss Demetra Varda was the teacher in charge. She was incredibly supportive and helped us in so many ways! She devoted so much time and energy to the play. She treated us like friends and we are all incredibly thankful for everything she has done. Christopher Elia is a talented student who graduated last year and adapted, co-directed and took part in the play. The other talented actors were: Stavriana Yiorka, Andreas Demetriou, Andri Olga Masoura, Eliza Olympiou and Andreas Philippou who all graduated last year, Constantinos Papaconstantinou and Nikolas Georgiou currently in Year 7 and last but definitely not least beautiful and talented, Constantina Paschalidou in Year 6 (me). By our side was also the Head of the Languages Faculty, Mrs Christiana Karagiorghi and many other students who helped with lighting, sound and backstage.

And I am happy to inform you that it’s not a rumor, we won last year! All of our hard work paid off! We are proud to say that our “Rumors” won first place in the Pancyprian Theatrical Competition for the Larnaca and Famagusta district and why not aim as high this year, too?

See you at the Chatroom audition!

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