30 Mar 2017
The Business Club visits McDonald's

By Members of the Business Club

Our visit to McDonalds was an amazing experience. As soon as we got there, the Managers and the crew welcomed us with a big smile on their faces. The manager explained in detail the steps taken in order to make McDonald’s burgers, fries, salads and ice cream.

We witnessed one of the best examples of division of labour in a business. Each employee had his own task and was in charge of one station in the process. We were surprised by the fact that they were very organised and clean; they washed their hands and they sanitized the machinery very often. The presence of technology in all the stages of food preparation. For instance, in the burger preparation section there were small screens which showed the orders of the customers.

All their products are served fresh for example, all cooked burger patties are held only for 15 minutes in holding cabinets and then thrown away to ensure highest quality.

We had lots of fun, and learnt many useful and interesting things. It was generally a pleasant and memorable experience.

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