26 Nov 2017
What if a new disease obliterated the human race?
By Nicole Nika (Year 1)

Life on Earth has existed since the beginning of time and may go on to exist well beyond it.

But scientists, and the rest of us, are living in a perpetual fear of a plague-like disease, similar to the Black Death only much more powerful and lethal. There is actually a big possibility something like this will happen as the future holds infinite potential. It could be a virus that shrivels you up till you disintegrate or one that makes blood pour out of all visible orifices. It could be catastrophic; it could wipe out the whole human race. Now to do so is virtually impossible seeing as though the human race is quite smart and would find some way or another to contain this plague. Although if it did, the consequences would be dire...

Imagine a world where the only sight was dying, infected humans scavenging for scraps and restoring to relapsing into less than a human to survive. Feeling terrible pain and eating the dead and the living. Because though you long for the sweet relief of death the thought is still terrifying so you drift on, hoping and praying you’ll be spared from one day to the next...

The thoughts of each human as they leave earth. However, what happens when the last human flame standing burns out? The animal Kingdom will begin its absolute reign; we humans will be nothing but fragments of memory slipping out of their brains. In time, the world will go back to where human life never existed, the lawless universe of beasts. And then, millions of years later, well beyond the foreseeable future a few molecules of our DNA will fuse together (with maybe a few new additions) and life as us humans shall begin again.

Perhaps with a different name, different inventions, different abilities, but still US...

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