09 Nov 2017
Another exciting year for the Brotherhood Committee
By Marija Ullman

Congratulations to you all for being successfully elected to these very important posts within the School. The American Academy has a long history of close so-operation between teachers and students and the Brotherhood is crucial in continuing this tradition of open communication and working together. We believe that our School motto ‘To Grow and to Serve’ is exemplified by the Brotherhood and all the good that it does.

Last year’s Executive Committee achieved a great deal. The annual conference was a lively and engaging affair with many ideas and issues discussed. During the year the Brotherhood raised money and bought and collected items for several needy causes such as the Agios Giorgios Centre For Children with Special Needs, and the Refugee Camp at Kofinou. They also took responsibility for the School’s recycling scheme, something which is utterly vital for a school of this size. In addition, the annual Brotherhood party for the Lower School in November was a huge success, as was the Education Fair in March, an exciting initiative introduced by the Brotherhood in recent years.

"You will learn so much, both about yourself and others."

You can see from this that being a member of the Brotherhood Committee is a very responsible, and time consuming, role, but also very rewarding and one in which you will learn so much, both about yourself and others. You will develop skills in public speaking, in negotiating, in working effectively with others, and you will become more confident and organised people.

I wish you luck and success in all your endeavours on behalf of the School and your community during this coming year. I am sure you will achieve just as much, and more than, your predecessors did last year, and I very much look forward to following your progress and working with you on your projects.

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