20 Sep 2017
Class Representatives Can Make A Real Difference

With elections now behind us, the real question facing elected Class Representatives beckons: How can I make a difference in the school?

Class Representatives have the power to advocate based on student opinion on issues such as curriculum, learning resources, the learning and teaching process, assessment and feedback, student progression and achievement, guidance and support, and quality enhancement and assurance. They work closely with the Brotherhood President and the Executive Committee, as well as the academic staff on improving the learning & teaching experience at the school.

Here’s how you make a difference as an elected class representative:

Be a good listener

Your classmates have chosen you to be their voice, and to do that you need to make sure that you are open and receptive to your fellow classmates’ comments and feedback.

Be a good communicator

Being able to convey information in a relevant and convincing way to your peers, or even to senior school officials, is key. Be direct and honest when conveying information that you have discussed with your classmates.

Be fair

Everyone has a right to expressing an opinion. Provide the space for others to voice their ideas, even if you are opposed to them. When you disagree, do it respectfully and try to see the situation from the other side too.

Be organised and efficient

You will likely be asked to attend meetings with other class representatives, so it’s important to keep track of your scheduled appointments and come prepared to discuss the key topics on the agenda. Meetings often cover many issues that need to be discussed in a short space of time – good preparation really means you make the most of them.

Be an active member

Don’t be afraid to take the lead or even give an opinion that no one else is raising. When you argue passionately about a specific proposal, be ready to support it with your actions. How you conduct yourself communicates your ethos and sets an example for others to follow. It is only through your actions that real change can happen.


Elected Class Representatives have been making a difference in the school for decades, so congratulations! You’ve just been given the opportunity to join the ranks of students who have served the school with passion and conviction. All you need to do is give it your best.

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