23 Mar 2018
JAC Special: Liperty
Liperty team


If you like all-natural products, Liperty was created just for you.

“We have vegan, cruelty-free lip balm, made with natural ingredients: coconut oil, beetroot powder, centella wax,” explained Constantina Paschalidou, the company’s Head of Production.

Paschalidou, along with George Vrangas, Stelia Hadjiyiannaki, Antigoni Michaelidou, Andreas Zachariou, Kassandra Christou and Kyriaki Charalambous, comprise the start-up company Liperty, that is competing in this year’s Junior Achievement Cyprus competition.

“The name is a spin-off from the word liberty — we want to let you free your self from the constraints of being vegan, and so our slogan is #freeyourlips,” said Hadjiyiannaki.

This marks the fourth year that the American Academy Larnaca is participating in the Pancyprian competition promoting entrepreneurship.

"We wanted to create a product that was 100% friendly for people with a vegan conscience."

The team got its idea for the product when some of its members, who had recently turned to a vegan diet, began transitioning their beauty routines to a vegan lifestyle, only to discover the limited options available for vegan-friendly lip balms.

“Most natural products on sale at many pharmacists use 98% natural ingredients, and we wanted to create a product that was 100% friendly for people with a vegan conscience,” said Paschalidou.

The company uses wax from flowers instead of bees, and currently stocks two different product options: Cocoa Paradise, made of chocolate and cocoa powder, and Velvet Temptation, a tinted lip balm that works as an exfoliator made of beetroot and rose extract. The company is supervised by an independent pharmacist.

The role each member holds in the company has inspired some of the members to pursue a corresponding career for their undergraduate studies, for instance in Business Entrepreneurship and Media Communications. The Junior Achievement competition has given everyone on the team a great starting point.

“We learned to take an idea and develop it for a specific market group, and then to market it to a specific group,” Vrangas said.

Applying your subject knowledge to a real-life scenario is a really exciting thing, Paschalidou added, but without collaboration, nothing would come of it.

“The teamwork and the relationships that have stemmed from this venture, are the real reward for us,” Christou said.

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