24 Mar 2018
JAC Special: O.B. Crunch
OB Crunch team


That funky red-haired potato adorning posters in our school corridors? It got everyone talking about O.B. Crunch and its cool brand image.

“We wanted to give the impression that we are a serious company with attitude, and the color was mainly because of our main ingredient is sweet potatoes,” said Liam Boulter.

Boulter, along with Nikolas Fournaris, Elias Konovalov, Andreas Haperis, Eleni Markides, Andreas Demetriou, Michael Pitsillides and Ioannis-Petros Eleftheriades, comprise the start-up company O.B. Crunch, that is competing in this year’s Junior Achievement Cyprus competition.

The company created a healthier snacking option: oven-baked sweet potato crisps combined with superfood flavours, such as Himalayan pink salt and sweet chilli. Sweet potatoes are a popular healthy ingredient, and relatively new to the Cypriot market, and so the company chose to add another product to cater to a secondary consumer audience: regular crisps with two creative flavours – sea-salt and bacon & cheese.

"We wanted to give the impression that we are a serious company with attitude."

“We knew that in the Junior Achievement Competition, creating a product that was consumable was a difficult endeavor, in and of itself, because of the regulation and testing we had to do. We decided to take on the challenge, mainly because we wanted to fight the odds,” explained Fournaris, the company’s CEO.

O.B. Crunch is collaborating with Laiko Cosmos Trading to deliver the final product, and because it mainly targets teenage consumers, it will be available for sale at school canteens across the Larnaca district.

“Today, more and more teenagers are getting more involved with healthier options — they watch what they eat and they control what they consume and we wanted to give them something that would taste great and would help keep them healthy,” Boulter said.

Working in such a large team proved to be a rewarding experience that taught everyone how to work better together.

“Each person completes each other; there is a sense of interdependence,” Markides said.

It wasn’t easy to launch a perishable product, and according to Boulter, it really helped team members understand how much work was needed to make it really come together and work. To achieve that, the team really heightened its communication and problem-solving skills when faced with adversity.

“You fall down four times, you get up five,” Fournaris said.

And having a final product launched in the end, made it all worth it. And that cool red-haired red potato logo on the packet makes it clear that it’s hip to be healthy.

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