20 Feb 2019
MediMUN 2019
Georgia Spyrou 7M4

Another year, another MediMUN conference.  

Our school’s MUN club attends the Mediterranean Model United Nations conference annually; it is an event I have always looked forward to since Year 4 when I first joined the club (year 4 – 7 allowed only). For those of you who don’t know what you’re missing out on, the Model United Nations club offers a simulation of the United Nations where delegates (who are the students taking part) represent a country’s interests and stance on a variety of topics to be debated on. MediMUN is one of the conferences we attend in Nicosia where we join other schools from Cyprus as well as international schools on a debating session.  

Through the MUN club and MediMUN conferences I have developed my skills as a public speaker and learnt how to phrase my arguments to win debates (and sound witty). Each year, as the school presents more challenges in terms of external exams and busy time schedules, MUN has taught me prioritization, organisation and the power of coffee!  

Although the dress code is always formal and we all look really cool in different suits that present our individual styles, it’s not all serious business, I promise. (The photoshoots at the hotel lobby are always one of a kind). 

This year, the MediMUN conference took place from 8th to 10th February during which we stayed at the Hilton Park Hotel, enjoying the luxuries offered to us on our busy weekend. During the daytime we debated resolutions but during the evenings we enjoyed our time of relaxation playing taboo together at the hotel as well as dining at “To Elliniko” restaurant on Friday and walking to “Just Italian” on Saturday evening for pasta and pizzas! Whoever has experienced MUN and MediMUN will agree that it’s a great place to meet new people from across Cyprus as well as from other countries like Jordan or Israel, and make long standing friendships. Simultaneously, the MUN club brings together students from Years 4, 5, 6 and 7 to hang out, discuss issues we care about and get to know each other better, as well as get to know our teachers outside of the classrooms and in a more fun environment. This year, we were accompanied by Mrs Mosfiliotis and Mrs Millosia to whom we are grateful for their guidance throughout. 

Truthfully, each conference is unique and offers new opportunities and enjoyable memories. This year, the International Court of Justice Committee was introduced and I had the pleasure of taking part as both an advocate and judge, debating issues from country border disputes to terrorism and racial discrimination accusations. Consequently, I had to find and present evidence, draft memorandums and improve my  skills of negotiation and persuasion  in a mock court setting. MediMUN truly has something to offer for everyone, providing irreplaceable experiences.  

However, although each person’s experiences are unique, we all have the most wonderful things to say because we greatly appreciate the skills and fun times MUN offers. Just take a look at the testimonies of some of my fellow delegates for MediMUN 2019: 

“My MediMUN experience was absolutely fantastic! I got the opportunity to meet so many fantastic, kind-hearted, intelligent people and form close friendships. MediMUN broadened my perspective on world politics and brought to life severe issues facing our society and possible ways to overcome them. I can’t wait to go back next year!” – Megan Moonbeam 

“During MediMUN, the Academy students have shown great contribution and interest both in the conference and the workshop. Personally, I strongly recommend MediMUN and MUN to anyone that has a strong interest in understanding the world around them or even just researching basic ideas that affect people worldwide. MUN has educated us on various topics and has opened our eyes into seeing the other side of a controversial issue. During the conference we saw a different side of our teachers and friends, one that we will never forget. MediMUN has provided us with skills and memories that will last a lifetime.” – Thea Eleftheriou  

“Through this conference, I have learned to view issues from different perspectives and respect cultural diversity as I have discovered more about cultures and beliefs other than my own. We have worked in teams and attempted together to find solutions to issues facing the world today. I have become aware of the need to build a common future for our world, whilst gaining an in-depth understanding of how the UN is run. Most importantly I have met new people and despite all the hard work, I will remember the 14th annual MediMUN as a worthwhile and enjoyable experience.” – Georgia Ppasia  

“Model UN has made a tremendous change in who I am. It has transformed me! It taught me how to present an idea, how to evaluate a statement and it also boosted my confidence. However the best part of Model UN has to be the people .You make new friends and relationships that will last forever. Friends you will have for a lifetime. Friends that you can cooperate with in the future. Friends with the same passion to succeed!” – Eleni Markidou 

“ This event always provides me with marvellous surprises, and  targets me with unpredictable challenges. Despite all of this, being part of this event not only boosted my confidence, but has as well awaken me to pay attention to the world wide issues which happen around us daily. Being the next generation on earth, it's our responsibility to debate and melt all obstacles in order to achieve making this world a better place.” – Isabelle Feng (2019 Chair) 

“MediMun has taught me patience, pain and tolerance. It’s taught me how to become reliant on coffee. It’s taught me how to make things up on the spot and still sound convincing. Oh and it’s taught me how to wear a suit with pride.” – Chloe Hadjiantoniou  (Winner of best delegate for her committee)  

“Chairing is caring” & “Medimun is the reason why I have so many suits and I’m beyond grateful for that” – George Vrangas (2018 Chair) 

“MediMUN is a fantastic experience that combines fun and debating skills in a way I have never experienced before. Before MediMUN I couldn't present anything in class, but now I wouldn't mind doing so. It's an easy way to meet new people, improve your debating skills and have a good time. I would definitely recommend it for anyone that can participate. Don't miss it." - Antonios Adolf Lapornik” 

Yes, we can be very convincing. Also, as a Year 7 student approaching graduation, I really do hope you give MUN and MediMUN a chance next year. Personally, I am beyond thankful to the teachers and fellow students who encouraged my journey so far. Whoever you are, the MUN club will offer you the opportunity to become more acquainted with worldwide issues (that we as young people should be aware of), debate controversial topics in a respectful way and most importantly make friends and memories for life.  

And if you do get involved with MUN, you’ll understand this last part: 

Yielding the floor back to the chair, for the final time as an American Academy Larnaca student. 

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