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It's one thing to read about it, quite another to experience an Academy student's life. The annual public Open Day event offers a snapshot of school life, but our doors are always open to prospective students and parents interested in getting a slice of the American Academy Larnaca experience. 


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Fees & Scholarships

A top-quality education is within easy reach. The Admissions and Academics Committees work closely to deliver financial aid and scholarships to students who meet the criteria. At the American Academy Larnaca we don't only reward academic excellence, but we strongly believe in celebrating our students' many outstanding achievements beyond the classroom.

Incoming and existing students who consistently reach beyond expectations and set the bar high are awarded the Achievement Scholarship. Academic diligence coupled with a strong character ethos and conduct, which is among our core values is something that we endorse and celebrate wholeheartedly.
Financial Aid
We believe that all students should be able to have a top education, which is why the School Treasury and the Main Office work closely together in assisting parents in the application process for a range of bursaries.
Extra-Curricular Scholarships
We pride ourselves with providing the right environment to nurture a passion for a wide range of activities. It comes as no surprise that many of our students take their talents beyond the school arena and compete at both national and international levels. We recognize our students' dedication and diligence with the extra-curricular scholarships.
Discover the Academy Spirit
Congratulations to alumnus Harry Elliot, Class of 2010, for the publication of his book 'Warrior Errant'.
Past Brotherhood Presidents reflect on the most valuable lessons learned, their greatest challenges and the rewarding experience of representing the student body.
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