It's all about knowing the role of business in society

This course is a complementary business subject that explores the creative approaches adopted by brands to influence and enhance consumer engagement.

AS Business allows learners to take the first step towards a career in private or public organisations or progress with confidence to a degree in business and management related subjects.


The AS syllabus has its emphasis on an understanding of business concepts and their application to business situations.

The AS syllabus content is divided into five main topic areas:

1. Business and its environment (enterprise, the role of entrepreneurs, social enterprise, business structure, size of a business, business objectives and stakeholders).

2. People in organisations (management and managers, leadership, leadership styles, choice of leadership style, emotional intelligence, motivation, motivation theories, motivation methods & human resource management).

3. Marketing (what is marketing, market research and the marketing mix including product life cycle and pricing strategies).

4. Operations and Project management (the nature of operations, operations planning and inventory management).

5. Finance and Accounting (the need for business finance, internal and external sources of finance, costs, break even analysis, accounting fundamentals including profitability and liquidity ratios, forecasting cash flow and managing working capital).

This is a year 7 option.


The format of the examinations is as follows:

  • Paper 1 - Short answer and essay - 1 hour 15 minutesSection A: Four short answer questions (20 marks)
    Section B: One essay from a choice of three questions (20 marks) – 40 marks in total
  • Paper 2 - Data response - 1 hour 30 minutesTwo data response questions - 60 marks


The course gives a general overview of various business topics and allows students to take the first step towards a career in private or public organisations or progress with
confidence to a degree in business and management related subjects. The course is equally useful to non-business students as it provides an insight into the world of
business as general knowledge. Five work-skills this course will give you are decision making, critical thinking, people skills, commercial awareness and time management.


Business offers a wonderful range of career opportunities. It is a major function in organisations and it works alongside Finance, Production, Personnel and Distribution. Managers who are trained in business can reach the top of major organisations.

This course would be particularly useful to those who intend to study further in the areas of Economics, Accounting, Business Administration, Hotel Management, Politics, and Banking. Complementary subjects from the Curriculum: English, History, Mathematics, Sociology, French, German, Economics, Accounting.

For further advice, please see Mrs. A. Kourti, Head of Business Faculty

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