Play with being someone else on the big stage

A unique opportunity for self-expression and self- development in an exciting, creative way.

Drama is an elective core subject in Year 6 and 7. Educational Drama offers students a unique opportunity to develop both their personality and a variety of skills.


You will be given real and imaginary situations to work out individually, in pairs or in groups according to the task. Through role-play you to take on a variety of specified roles. Current affairs will be used as a stimulus for discussion and improvisation. Poetry may be used for speech, diction and projection as well as a stimulus to creative work, movement and the creation of atmosphere. Scripted work will be introduced to make you aware of theatre and the technical aspects of staging a play. You will also have the opportunity to write your own scripts and stage your own work.


Drama promotes the improvement of a variety of personal skills in creative and fun situations. Through the collaborative opportunities offered in role-plays, you will develop your character and confidence as you will be exposed to imaginary situations you may possibly encounter in real life. These fictional situations will also help you to release and understand the tensions in life. In addition to refining your language skills, you will also develop movement and poise, have a greater sense of audience and acquire a basic awareness of theatre and scripted work.


Assessment will be based on:

  • Willingness to offer ideas and opinions
  • Co-operation and flexibility within the group and consideration of others
  • Ability to lead a group and suggest ways of approaching the tasks set
  • Understanding and interpretation of the material given
  • Originality and creativity in handling the material given
  • Awareness of audience in presentation of tasks


  • Self-confidence
  • Presenting ideas in front of an audience
  • Creativity and originality
  • Working in a team
  • Enhanced spoken language skills
  • Movement and poise
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