Explore democracy, constitutions and political ideologies
Politics A-Level

A highly respected qualification suitable for those students seeking to advance their knowledge and understanding of democracy, and government structures in the UK and USA.

This is a very dynamic and diverse A-Level course which allows students to develop a balanced education in politics, while exploring UK and USA governmental and political developments and pressing issues of international concern.


Paper 1: UK Politics: This unit introduces students to the key channels of communication between government and the people. It encourages them to evaluate the adequacy of existing arrangements for ensuring representative democracy and participation. Students will study political participation including democracy and participation, political parties, electoral systems, voting behaviour and the media. Additionally students will explore the political ideologies of conservatism, liberalism and socialism.

Unit 2: UK Government: This unit introduces students to the major governmental processes within the UK. It encourages them to develop a critical understanding of the role and effectiveness of key institutions, and of the relationship amongst them in the context of multi-level governance. Students will study the constitution, parliament, Prime Minister and executive as well as the relationships between the three branches of government. Students will also study ecologism for this paper.

Unit 3: Comparative Politics: U.S.A. Here students will study the US Constitution and federalism, US Congress, US presidency, US Supreme Court and civil rights, democracy and participation, comparative theories. The aim is for students to judge whether “liberty and justice for all” has been achieved in the U.S.A.


Students will take 3 separate exam papers at the end of Year 7. The papers are divided according to the course content outlined above. Each paper will be 2 hours long and will be out of 84 marks. Papers 1 & 2 are made up of essay questions of 30 & 24 marks. Paper 3 is made up of shorter questions which are 12 marks each and 30 mark essays. Sample assessment materials together with suggested answers will be given to students throughout the course.


Not only will you obtain detailed knowledge and understanding of how politics works in the UK but you will also develop your critical thinking and analytical skills. This module will equip you with the essay writing technique and clarity of thought you will require at university level and will also advance your debating and public speaking skills.


There will be different forms of assessment ranging from traditional tests to more creative projects.

  • Maximum 3 tests per semester.
  • Exam-style questions practised both in class but also assigned as assessed homework.
  • In-class assessment at the end of the topic (open book).
  • In class formal debates


A-Level Government and Politics is a widely respected qualification that helps students develop their skills of critical reasoning, and fosters clarity of thought and communication. These skills will prepare students for the competitive employment market. It is an appropriate option for those who wish to make a difference within national politics, those wishing to pursue a career in international relations, the Civil Service and diplomacy. It is also useful to those seeking careers in Law, Business, Economics, Management, Journalism, Media and research.

For further advice, please see Mrs. A. Kourti, Head of Business Faculty

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