Greek Studies
Broaden your university options by studying Modern Greek in greater depth
Greek Studies

Greek is the official language of our country, therefore good knowledge and correct usage of the language are essential, especially for Greek-Cypriot students. This course will enable students to improve their knowledge of their native language.


Students electing to take the subject will study Greek literature and essays.

In Year 7 you will study: Unit 2 of the Modern Greek A-Level, which will lead to the full A-Level qualification. Content: Understanding, Written Response and Research in Greek - One text for comprehension, one translation from English into Greek and two literary analyses.

In Year 6 you will study: Cyprus Public University Entrance Exams: This course prepares students for the Modern Greek Language paper of the Entrance Examinations of the Cypriot and Greek Universities and also allows students the opportunity to take the exam certifying Very Good knowledge of Greek. The course includes literature texts, essays and unknown passages for comprehension and vocabulary exercises.


This is a two–year course and upon completion students will be able to:

  • take the external exam Modern Greek A Level (Edexcel)
  • take the exam held by the Ministry of Education for entry to the Public Universities of Cyprus
  • take the exam held by the Ministry of Education for Very Good Knowledge of Greek, essential for proving the excellent knowledge of the Greek language in a future job application
  • take the exam for army officers


This course will sharpen your critical thinking skills. Modern Greek will enable you to develop your knowledge of vocabulary and literature in order to read, understand and interpret Greek. You will select, analyse and evaluate evidence to draw informed conclusions from the literature studied to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the historical, literary and cultural context of a text, to appreciate its literary form and impact on the reader.

Students will develop an understanding of Greek in a variety of contexts and genres, and learn to communicate confidently, clearly and effectively in Greek. They'll also develop an awareness and understanding of the contemporary society, cultural background and heritage of the countries or communities where Greek is spoken.


  • Maximum 2 tests per semester
  • Short texts for homework for practice


Taking the course certainly develops students’ linguistic skills, which will help both in the study and application of English and other languages, and what’s more, it gives learners an insight into the life and culture of the ancient world. Greek Studies develops critical analytical skills and heightens communication skills.


The course provides a deeper understanding of the Greek language and civilization. The qualification can lead into a range of possible careers such as Law, Comparative Literature, Comparative Linguistics, English Literature, Journalism, Drama, History and Classics. Also, the University of Cyprus has a range of courses and Modern Greek is essential for all subjects of study.

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