Learning how to make the most of the ICT tools at your disposal is a skill for life

A fundamental subject that will help you improve on and develop your computer-related skills.

ICT is a mandatory lesson through years 1 to 3 and it aims to equip them with the necessary digital literacies that will enable them to make the most of the Microsoft Office across many disciplines and life situations. Among the important skills that students develop during the course is the ability to use computerised word processing (Microsoft Word), an essential 21st century skill in order to produce professional reports for printing or for sending electronically (e.g. email). Another important skill which is developed is that of producing presentations, through Microsoft PowerPoint. Students are exposed to this presentation package and are shown basic features which can be used to produce outstanding presentations, with the use of theme graphics, appropriate font sizes and suitable colour combinations. Also, advanced features can be used to add a touch of professionalism and usability, such as the use of animations, slide transitions and action buttons.

In year 3, students are introduced to computer programming. In about 8 sessions, students become familiar with basic programming concepts and create their own software and games with the help of the teacher. In this journey to computer programming, students start to understand how real-world software, which they use on a daily basis, is developed, and if this piques their interest, they can choose GCSE Computer Science for Year 4, which is an elective subject.


In Year 1 you will study: Data Organization and File Management, Word Processing (MS Word), Presentations (MS PowerPoint), Email Communication (MS Outlook).

In Year 2 you will study: Spreadsheets (MS Excel), Internet fundamentals, Introduction to Algorithms.

In Year 3 you will study: Data Organization with the usage of Databases (MS Access), Introduction to Computer Programming (Visual Basic).


The subject aims to help students develop basic IT skills, necessary to complete projects, classwork and homework for other subjects through the use of technology. Word processing is used to produce reports and homework and presentation packages to produce good-looking presentations. Also, with the introductory course to computer programming, students will get a taste of how computers are used to solve simple problems.


Assessment differs between the three year levels to reflect on the material learned, available teaching time and other factors but roughly is as shown below:

  • 1 or 2 tests per semester
  • Presentations on select technical topics
  • Practical classwork: Group and individual presentations in year 1 and 2, corresponding practical worksheets in all years, programming in year 3.


Basic IT Skills: Word Processing, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Database management

Advanced IT Skills: Algorithmic thinking, Computer Programming

Basic knowledge in concepts of Information & Communication Technology

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