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Law A-Level
This is a course for students who want to sharpen their reasoning skills, while developing a critical awareness of the law and its surrounding complex issues of fairness and justice.

The A-level law course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the English legal system and substantive law such as criminal and civil law (contract and law of tort will be studied).  It also develops analytical, critical thinking and problem solving skills, which help students in higher education, in the workplace and in everyday life.


In Year 6 you will study The English Legal System such as: how judges can develop the law by creating case law and how they can avoid an unfair decision; how judges can interpret an Act of Parliament when it is not clear; the classification of criminal offences; the criminal courts and the type of criminal offences they deal with; the appeal system if a person is not happy with the court decision of a finding of guilt; the jury system in criminal trials in the UK; the work of the legal profession in criminal cases; types of judges.

We will be studying one substantive law being criminal in year 6. Focusing on the basic principles of criminal law; criminal offences in relation to injuries caused to victims; murder and the different types of manslaughter; theft and robbery; law on attempts; the defences available to the defendant such as intoxication (alcohol and drugs); duress; self-defence; automatism and insanity.

In Year 7 again we would be looking at different areas of the English Legal System such as; procedure for Parliamentary law making and Delegated Legislation; the civil courts that hear civil disputes and appeals; how civil disputes could be settled by alternative dispute resolution such as mediation, negotiation and tribunals; types of judges and judicial independence; role of the legal profession in civil disputes; funding and advice; types of European Law and their institutions.

Two substantive law areas will be studied. Firstly, being the law of Tort. Focusing on, negligence, nervous shock and economic loss; Occupiers Liability; nuisance and the escape of dangerous things from property; Vicarious liability and remedies.

Secondly, contract law will be studied. This is very beneficial as everybody enters into contracts during their lives whether it is with the bank or buying goods from a shop. We shall be looking at what are the essential conditions to have a contract recognized by the courts, how a contract comes to an end, consumer law and what remedies are available to the courts when the claimant is successful.

There is also a small section with concepts of law which will be looked at during the two years. We shall be looking at the interesting debate whether the law should enforce morals. Should the law tell us what we could do and what we could not do in private? Also, law and justice and how far the law achieves justice.

In the past students through the Business Club have attended Larnaca Court to see real-life cases; as well as mooting and attending debates at UCLAN Cyprus.


At the end of Year 7 students will sit the external AQA A-level examination which is linear. There are 3 units consisting of:

Paper 1 English Legal system: Nature of Law and Criminal Law 2-hour exam

Paper 2 English Legal System: Nature of Law and Tort Law 2-hour exam

Paper 3 English Legal System: Nature of Law and Contract Law 2-hour exam


The A-level law course will enhance your chances of being accepted into university either to take a law degree, accountancy and finance, business management, marketing or human resources degree or any other course of study.  Whether you want a career in the law, or in other areas like education, human resources, finance, international relations or business, A level Law can really open doors for you. The critical thinking and analytical skills that this A level will offer you are considered highly valuable by any university.


Assessment includes:

  • Maximum 3 tests per semester
  • Answering problem solving questions in essay form
  • Discussing alternative answers to scenario based questions
  • Final exam at the end of the year.


This course would be particularly useful to those who intend to study further in the areas of Law, Economics, Accounting, Business Administration, Hotel Management, Politics, and Banking. Complementary subjects from the Curriculum: English, History, Mathematics, Sociology, French, German, Economics, Accounting.

For further advice, please see Mrs. A. Kourti, Head of Business Faculty

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