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Ηome Admissions Entrance Tips & Tricks: Maths
Tips & Tricks: Maths
Learn how to best maximise your performance on the Maths exam.


The Maths Entrance Examination consists of a 1 hour & 30 minutes test paper. It is made up of two parts, each part comprising of 50% of the grade.

Part A will be based on calculations e.g. addition, subtraction, division, multiplication of decimal numbers and fractions, metric units, ascending descending numbers.

Part B will be based on problem-solving.

 The entrance examination in Mathematics is based on the primary school syllabus as set by the Ministry of Education.


Are marks awarded only if the answer is correct?

All calculations should be visible on the test paper – marks may still be obtained from correct calculations even if answer is wrong.

Where can I pick up exam papers to practise?

Sample test papers for practice, will be provided by Main Office upon registration. You can also download two exam papers on this page.

What if I get stuck on a question?

Should a student find a question especially difficult, he/she should not waste time on it and continue with the rest of the test paper and return to the question later.

What if I run out of time?

IMPORTANT: Students should practice finishing the test within the time limits indicated.

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